Slings & Arrows is now available on Youtube! (…




LEGALLY, I mean. 

If you don’t know what ‘Slings & Arrows’ is, you need – NEED – to go and check it out now. If you do know what it is, well. I don’t have to tell you what to do. I am just saying. It’s time for a rewatch. ISN’T IT.


For the people who don’t know: It’s a theater thing. It has good theater and bad theater and fucking marvelous theater. It has amazing actors playing terrible actors and terrible actors playing great actors and it has jealousy and intrigue and drama and tragedy and musical and ghosts and all the Shakespeare you could possibly want. The main character is the guy who played the Mountie in Due South and he is a crazy actor who went (even more) insane after playing Hamlet coincided with a personal betrayal and he also has crazy dark hair and is named Geoffrey Tennant (no connection, this thing started in 2003).

So. And now it’s on Youtube. The whole first season. All six episodes. (It’s a Canadian series. They just don’t do 24 eps per season. It’s not their thing.)

Here’s is a clip. Yes, I know, the picture quality isn’t that great. It’s better in the link to the whole episodes. (Not much better though. This might also be a Canadian thing. To be honest, even the DVDs aren’t that great in the picture quality department. But. Look. You are probably going to watch it on your phone anyway, so it doesn’t really matter, does it.)

Oh fuck yes everybody go watch this right now

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