Hello! 4.28.18

With the influx of new followers, I would like to say welcome!

My name is Britton (he/him/his). I’m a young 20 something dude who is currently studying English with a minor in Film in university. I’m about to be a senior. (Where did all the time go?)

This blog primarily contains Hamlet and other Shakespearean content. Sometimes, I share English major related things or other works of literature. (Search my tags: I keep my reblogs and whatnot rather tidy.) In the not so distant future, I want to become an English literature professor, more specifically an English Renaissance professor, teaching all of my students my boi Shakespeare, Marlowe, and those peeps.

When I’m not sobbing about Hamlet, Jonathan Goad, or Shakespeare, I’m usually geeking out over Canada, NASA/space, films/tv shows, music, drag culture, pugs, avant-garde YouTube videos, Marvel, and Disney. You can follow my “main” (I wish Tumblr would allow you to consider one of your other blogs your main!) at @shakesdraginstationhouseno4 . I consider this blog to be my main, since I use it much more often.

Make yourself at home, guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Welcome to my Hamlet/Shakespeare blog, and I hope it brings you joy!

-Britton (hamletdressedinblack)