The 2017-2018 Academic University Year: Complete! 5.9.18

Hello Shakespeeps!

It is with great enthusiasm that I will be on Tumblr a heck of a lot more this summer due to being on summer break!

It’s been a year of academic and personal growth. This semester, I got onto the Dean’s List once more, which I am truly humbled about. With all of my course grades from my most recent semester offically recorded, I can officially say that with all of my credit hours earned, I am officially a senior and I am on track to graduate next year! So exciting!

Next semester, I am going to do my thesis in order to get my English degree. I am excited to embark on such a semester long journey!

I want to wish a special thank you to all of my followers who have supported this blog. Your devotion and passion for a subject that isn’t regarded as fandom in many cases is quite remarkable. (To the nay-sayers: Shakespeare and his contemporaries’ works are fandoms; sorry, I don’t make the rules.) All of the memes and text posts, among others, that we create and reblog brings a fandom together. Also, all of the asks and PM’s we message one another brings fandom closer together too, along with other Tumblr activities.

With that being said, congratulations on getting through another year, my university pals. Congratulations on your graduations. I hope you all are successful in your fields. Those who aren’t in university: I hope that life is treating you kindly, and if it isn’t, there’s a whole lot of people rooting for you. Don’t hesitate to PM me if you need encouraging words and someone to talk to. (Also, don’t hesitate to PM or send me asks about anything Shakespeare related either!)

From one Shakespeep to another,