Shakespeare Plays Explained Badly


A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Fairy divorce court causes everything in the vicinity to go to hell, briefly.

A Comedy of Errors: Don’t give your twins the same name. Seriously don’t.

As You Like It: No one actually likes anything that is occurring. Especially not Jaques.

Twelfth Night: Local pageboy causes everyone to catch Gay Feelings. Also multiple shipwrecks.

Much Ado About Nothing: Random bastard decides to cause problems for literally no reason other than because he is a dick.

Two Gentlemen of Verona: One gentleman is not actually a gentleman, he’s a grade-A turdwaffle.

Love’s Labors Lost: Four friends’ attempts to swear off love go about as well as you would expect

The Merry Wives of Winsor: SO I HEAR U LIKE FALSTAFF??

The Taming of the Shrew: Sometimes the best cure for a mean wife is just straight-up sexism. (Actually no wtf why)

All’s Well That Ends Well: Nothing is well and it ends kinda shittily, too.

The Merchant of Venice: Apparently the entire population of Venice is either dumb, shitty, or Portia. Or Jessica.

Measure for Measure: Undercover Boss: Vienna Edition

Richard II: Local king forced to actually face consequences for his actions. Doesn’t like it much.

Henry IV part 1: TURN DOWN FOR WHAT interluded by existential kingly guilt. Also Hotspur

Henry IV part 2: The boring part because no Hotspur and no TURN DOWN FOR WHAT. Just guilt and guys with stupid names.

Henry V: Fun manly bonding as France gets fucked over

Henry VI part 1: Let’s Screw France Part 2 feat. Joan of Arc

Henry VI part 2: A bunch of murders and Everything Has Gone to Shit Now nice job breaking it, Henry.

Henry VI, part 3: YORK YORK YORK YORK also a bunch of murders, part 2.

Richard III: Once there was a Duke of Gloucester. He was so ugly that everyone died. The End

Henry VIII: You’d think think the betrayal of a queen and befuckening of the church would be really non-boring but you would be wrong

King John: No one knows what’s happening. Not me, not you, certainly not Johnny. I guess an entire king dies or something idk

Romeo and Juliet: Local teenage fling ends in six deaths and a banishment. Authorities are baffled

Macbeth: If you don’t sleep you become a murderer I don’t make the rules also if witches are nearby… you’re fucked.

Hamlet: Danish prince should have just called Ghostbusters

Othello: And you thought your racist coworker was a pain in the ass

King Lear: Local shitty dad amazed that all his kids turned out shitty. How could this happen.

Julius Caesar: Fun male bonding exercise devolves into civil war and multiple accounts of suicide

Antony and Cleopatra: Two-year fling devolves into civil war and multiple accounts of suicide

Coriolanus: Local war devolves into civil war and – just kidding it’s actually about Coriolanus ruining everything by being unable to shut his piehole for two seconds

Timon of Athens: Don’t Have Friends: A Cautionary Tale

Titus Andronicus: Blood, death, murder, death, human sacrifice, rape, death, dismemberment, cannibalism, death, and a partridge in a pear tree

Troilus and Cressida: Title characters are actually the most boring part of the play

Pericles: It’s like a fairy tale except less magic and more nonsense. And brothels I guess idk

Cymbeline: Twenty three different plot lines and none of them go anywhere

The Winter’s Tale: Local asshole king fucks with nature so NATURE FUCKS RIGHT BACK

The Tempest: The heartwarming tale of a wizard, his weird magical bird slave, his daughter, a drunk fish guy, some murderers, and a whole lot of wood gathering