Smells Like Teen Poetry

A dear friend of mine (@redlips-sinkswifts) is going through memory lane with her poetry she wrote back in high school. She is a creative writing major, so her writings now are far better and superior now than they were then. Here’s a line from one of her cringiest poems she wrote when she was a junior in high school:

“The guilt will kill me, just like did Arthur Dimmesdale.”

Yes, that Arthur Dimmesdale from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.

Context: My friend was writing about her feelings for someone she fancied, and her liking them was very forbidden for her.

She realized how cringy her literary allusion was when she re-read her poem.

Then I said:

“At least you didn’t write an unfinished Hamlet fanfic where Hamlet goes on the Dr. Phil show!” (Which I should probably upload in its entirety because it’s bad fanfic writing and I promise you that I don’t write like that anymore.)

Moral of the story: You will get better at writing. Just don’t put really obvious literary allusions in your work and you’ll be okay. Unless you are doing it for satirical reasons, then I say go for it!