I used to be meh on Shakespeare but now I&#039…

I used to be meh on Shakespeare but now I'm at uni and I'm currently studying abroad in London. I went to the Globe and immediately started crying (although it very well could have been my bad hay fever) and it was pretty much life changing. Now I'm going to write a YA adaptation of As You Like It starring trans girl Rosalind in Arden, West Virginia and good old Billy owns my ass.

Wow, you’re so lucky to have been at The Globe, let alone studying abroad in London for uni! 😀 My dream grad school is King’s College where I can get a Shakespeare MA, so hopefully, I can see The Globe myself! (I am a senior now in undergrad, and will be doing my undergrad thesis this coming semester. Fingers crossed for minimal crying! *dry laughter*

Also, your YA adaptation sounds amazing and I would totally read the heck outta it!

Will. I. Am. Shakey owns me too. Hamlet is my favorite out of the plays and I have a tattoo of Hamlet holding Yorick on my upper left arm, and when I saw The Hamlet of All Hamlets (The 2015 Stratford Festival production), that solidified my uni degree (English) and I stan so hard.

Thanks for sharing your story! 🙂