I liked (not loved, liked) Shakey since my ear…

I liked (not loved, liked) Shakey since my early teens, when my parents took me to see an amazing production of A Midsummer Night's Dream by Propellor, an all-male company. But the way we were taught Shakey at school did not click with me, which set me back several years. It wasn't until I watched David Tennant's Hamlet three years ago that my obsession was kickstarted. Also, John Barton's Playing Shakespeare workshop series deepened my understanding of Shakey and how verse works.

I feel like a lot of schools teach Shakespeare rather poorly… either you get the teachers who see it as a chore or they’re very enthusiastic about it. It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school where I had an English teacher who was very passionate about Shakespeare, while my two other English teachers seemed not so keen. If I met my past self and told him that his academic career would be heavily inspired by Shakespeare, he would’ve laughed.

David Tennant played a very well done Hamlet. I feel like a lot of my favorite celebrities played Hamlet sometime in their lives (Jonathan Goad and Tom Hiddleston for starters!) and it’s always interesting to see new innovations of the play! (I have yet to see an explicit Hamlet x Horatio pairing because 1. I am so very gay 2. I ship them so hard and 3. Who DOESN’T ship the Tragic Danish Boyfriends?)

I’m so glad you liked Shakespeare much earlier in your life, even if it wasn’t a full blown obsession yet. I feel like if we taught younger people Shakespeare in an accessible manner and not make it sound harder than it actually is, I think they’d appreciate Shakespeare a lot more. (I actually wrote an essay when I was a freshman in uni about making Shakespeare accessible for younger people, and I got a high mark on it!) I think part of the reason why I made this blog is so that I can show those who may be shy of Shakespeare or downright despise him because of cruddy teachers that Shakespeare can and is fun! Us Shakespeeps make plenty of memes and shitposts, and there’s always something new to discover. I wonder how many non Shakespeeps are less scared of The Bard!

Thanks for the ask! It’s much appreciated! 😀