oh man i've been into shakespeare forever…

oh man i've been into shakespeare forever, when i was younger i had a set of books that were the comedies retold for grade school kids and i LOVED them. i was actually lucky enough to see my first live performance at the globe theatre in london (it was much ado, we were visiting my aunt and she treated us to tickets) and i'm really grateful that i've had that exposure! i also totally agree with you on the 2015 stratford hamlet – it was fantastic and i bought the filmed version on dvd haha

How incredibly lucky are you to have liked Shakespeare at such a young age! I don’t think I’ve met many Shakespeeps so far who liked him since childhood.

Also, that’s really neat you got to see Much Ado at The Globe! (And what a nice thing for your aunt to do!) Like I said before in previous posts, one of my dreams is to go to The Globe, but as someone who lives across the pond westward and has minimal funds because college student, that dream will have to wait.

And I am SO glad you saw the 2015 Stratford Festival production of Hamlet via DVD! I stan Jonathan Goad so hard. Like, I get so excited when people hear of this production because it is such a treat! I legitimately squeal when I see Jonathan Goad when I rewatch his Hamlet and when I see him in other productions and TV shows. He’s such a talented actor and I hear he’s a lovely person in real life. (And when I was in Stratford in 2015, I bought one of their festival posters and lo and behold, he was on the poster, with Yorick. It’s proudly on my bedroom wall.)

Thank you for the ask, and for all of you who have seen the 2015 Stratford Festival production of Hamlet, message me if you want because I need more people to talk to about this.