I’m drunk af right now but listen: why isn’t there a Shakespeare convention where you can cosplay as your favorite Shakespeare characters? I want to go as Richard III and interact with a bunch of Falstaff cosplayers.

This is the best idea I’ve ever heard. I want to go as Mark Antony so badly. And Edmund. And Achilles. And Sebastian.

“okay, all the Violas get together for a group picture”

“okay now all the Sebastians”

*nobody moves*

I’ll be the resident Malvolio.

You could have people cosplaying as really minor characters like Captain Blunt, or characters that are only referenced, like Queen Mab.

I would definitely attend as Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, in full battle regalia

I am definitely going as either Fluellen or Sir Andrew. Or maybe a second Malvolio…

I volunteer to be Fortinbras and show up twenty minutes after the convention has ended

For my first convention I went to, I cosplayed as Hamlet. Needless to say, I think I was the only person cosplaying as a Shakespeare character.

But can we have a Shakespeare convention, please??? I am tired of feeling like I’m the most “obscure” one out of all of my friends.