sir-dullahan: Shakespeare



My BA project – 5 posters inspired by famous stage plays of William Shakespeare. I decided to mix traditional elements, such as dark background and portrait poses with a touch of contemporary aesthetic and my personal painting style. 

This project took me ages and it feels so weird to post 5 posters saying “yup, here goes last few months”, but that’s what happened. Creating a new aesthetic, learning to use it, basically taking my style to a new, more refined level – it all took time and work, more than it looks like. I feel that I learned a lot here, especially about actually finishing my paintings and more important – making them look like they are finished xD

It’s been also a big challenge for my perfectionism. I always feel that my art is unfinished. That I could do something more. That everything is a step or two or ten from being complete. Always. No matter how many hours I spend on one piece, there i always something to fix, to hone, to be done better. Especially when it’s some official project or a commission. 
During these months I realised that said perfectionism is something that holds me down a lot. If I had no time pressure, I’d still be working on the first one of these posters, changing the whole concept for the 100th time. I do it a lot. I draw something, I leave it unfinished, feeling that it’s not good enough, or finish it, but never post it, feeling that it doesn’t meet my own expectations or just make a sketch and leave it bee, not feeling good enough to even start more ambitious pieces. Even now I feel reluctant about posting my other drawings, because I feel that I just set some new standard with these posters, and that everything after them needs to either keep it, or be better, never even slightly worse -if it happens, I treat it like a personal (and even public, since it’s on the internet) failure. Every art account I create, no matter how casual it begins, inevitably turns into another portfolio. And it takes me months to create something “good enough” to post.
It’s something I’m working on, slowly getting more relaxed about my art. I know it’s just in my head – things can always be *better* and there always details to fix – but I can’t spend eternity on each drawing or painting, in hope of making it perfect. It’s much better to draw more, to make another. One bad drawing doesn’t make me a bad artist. The world won’t fall apart if I won’t make every piece I create as good as the best one I did so far. It’s hard to remember it sometimes, but I’m trying))