Q&A Session!

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Nickname(s): Brittonius Maximus

Zodiac: Pisces ♓

Height: 5’ 1 ½" (1.56 m)

Time: 11:12 EST

Favorite band/artist: Requin Chagrin and 猫 シ Corp. (French indie band and Vaporwave artist, respectively).

Song stuck in my head: La grenade by Clara Luciani

Last movie I saw: The Incredibles 2. It was so worth the wait and hype!

Last thing I Googled: “what happens when you get fired in story mode sims 2 ps2.”

Other blogs: shakesbeanieinstationhouseno4 for more of an eclectic overview of my fandoms and etc.

Do I get asks: On occasion, yes. I appreciate every one of your asks! 🙂

Why I chose this username: Hamlet is commomly associated with wearing black, and I wear nearly all black, soooooo yeah.

Average amount of sleep: BOI. When I’m at uni, it’s probably between 4 to 10 hours give or take? It’s super unpredictable. During the summer when uni isn’t in session, probably 12 or more.

Lucky number: Don’t have one really.

What I’m wearing: Black athletic shorts and a black t-shirt from my uni that I wear for pajamas. You see? Wearing all black.

Dream job: Full time vocalist

Dream trip: Sightseeing Canada, with most of my trip seeing Québec.

Favorite food: Chipotle! I’m a regular where my uni is and they recognize me.

Instruments: Does singing in choir count? I’m a classically trained vocalist.

Eye color: Blue with a hint of green.

Hair color: Dark brown (passes for black when not in light).

Languages spoken: English (I also am trying to self-teach myself French.)

Most iconic song: Too many to list, but some include, but are not limited to: Macintosh Plus by Vektroid and Ailleurs by Grand Blanc.

Random fact: I love playing The Sims and watching gaming videos on YouTube.

Tagging @mr-craig, @redlips-sinkswifts, and anyone else who would like to participate! 🙂