Age, I do defy thee -O sweet shepherd, hie the…

“The Choice between Young and Old” By Artist Cornelis van Haarlem 

A Madrigal by William Shakespeare

Crabbed Age and Youth
Cannot live together :
Youth is full of pleasance,
Age is full of care ;

Youth like summer morn,
Age like winter weather ;
Youth like summer brave,
Age like winter bare :

Youth is full of sports,
Age’s breath is short,
Youth is nimble, Age is lame :

Youth is hot and bold,
Age is weak and cold,
Youth is wild, and Age is tame :

Age, I do abhor thee ;
Youth, I do adore thee ;
O ! my Love, my Love is young !

Age, I do defy thee –
O sweet shepherd, hie thee,
For methinks thou stay’st too long.