Bardsy Thursdays

Hey guys! I’m starting this new thing called “Bardsy Thursdays” where discussions/analyses of various Shakespearean plays, characters, sonnets, etc. can be submitted and published. You can also submit questions to be opened up for discussion and I will occasionally post my own analyses as well.

A couple of things:

1) It’d be preferred if the discussion/analysis was your own, but also feel free to submit ones by other authors.  If you do this, however, please also submit a citation, especially if you are directly quoting from it and a link in case anyone wants to read the entire piece. 

2) Sometimes, I will have a certain work be the theme for the day, and if that’s the case, only submissions relevant to that work will be published (but I’ll let you know ahead of time)

3) DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ANY OF THE ANALYSIS/DISCUSSIONS POSTED HERE. I don’t mind helping people out if they have questions about Shakespeare and/or need help with their work, but the posts are meant for thoughtful discussions and knowledge, NOT for you to finish your papers faster. I won’t know if you cheat, but if you do, you’re a terrible person and chances are, your teacher will (they’re smart like that). Don’t do it. 

If you guys have any questions and/or ideas, please feel free to ask!