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king claudius is actually the funniest character in hamlet

the guy spends most of the play unable to understand why he feels so guilty despite having literally just murdered his brother, married his wife a couple of months after he was laid to rest and spent all his free time thotting it up in court and then when he finally realises, only thanks to watching a play where he’s the villain mind you, that what he did was, in fact, Bad, instead of repenting for his sins or promising to lead the kingdom better to make up for it or something he just snaps and is like “i cannot fucking WAIT to kill my nephew”

Claudius: *kills Hamlet’s father*

Hamlet: Claudius is a horrible person because he killed my father!



Romeo + Juliet


Which ill-fated Shakespearean character spends the most time (by line count) on stage as a corpse?

Poor Julius Caesar, he might be the title character, but he doesn’t have a lot to do…



Lady Macbeth & Macbeth. 


Don John


Hamlet: Women are all weak and frail

Hamlet: No one is strong enough to kill themselves, we are all cowards

Ophelia: *kills herself*

Hamlet: 😮


A few pics from our trip to Anne Hathaway’s cottage yesterday. She was Shakespeare’s wife incase you didnt know. I’ve never been a fan of Shakespeare but I think as I get older I’m starting to appreciate the words alot more. It is such a beautiful place, I would happily live there and walk amongst the flowers/woodland every day 🌲⚘🍁🥰


i’m done!!!

today, a year and a half after reading hamlet and first falling in love with shakespeare, i completed my goal of finishing the complete works before my high school graduation. it’s been an amazing journey and talking to all of you and feeling at home in such a wonderful community has made it ten times better. if you follow this blog it probably goes without saying that shakespeare has changed my life, but damn, i’m really feeling it today. i’m just so incredibly grateful to have read each and every one of these plays (yes, even henry viii….kinda). here’s to starting my english degree in the fall and reading them all again. 💕💕💕