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new and improved Definitive chart thanks to @thinkofaugust


Six months ago I drew Jamie Campbell Bower in the part Christopher Marlowe. It’s high time to post the picture! I love serial “Will” and Jamie Campbell Bower in this part, he is awesome))

Remember the short lived series “Will” that was on the TNT television network that tried to create Shakespeare’s “lost years” using a blend of Elizabethan England and punk rock feel and look to it?

Remember how Shakespeare had the biggest crush on Christopher Marlowe? And vice versa?

Those were the days.

You Heard of William Shakespeare, Now Get Ready For… Christopher Marlowe!

Literally most people: Who?


Witches from Macbeth productions and demons from Dr Faustus for Hallowe’en, my pretties.


Money? Power? Greatness?


Upstart crows beautified with our feathers, they flock to London to ape their betters. Whether fine-feathered or the most common of bird, to wing our way to Heaven, all we need are words.

“Make me immortal with a kiss.”

Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus and Other Plays (via larmoyante)


Shakespeare and the inspirations of his sonnets. (x)