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Shakespeare on Better Book Titles.


Shakespeare on Better Book Titles.


Cordelia: Dad isn’t talking to me.

Regan: Enjoy it while it lasts.


Feb 11, 2018: It feels so good to finally be caught up on everything! Currently studying Shakespeare’s King Lear (for the third time). Will this play ever get boring?


Amazon has a slightly different take on “Action & Adventure” than most. I like it.


King Lear by Staten Island Shakespeare. Credit: Victoria Priola 


The number of Shakespearean characters who have a father but are, for some usually unspoken reason, missing a mother is often commented on. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any mothers in Shakespeare…. there are just a lot of missing ones. Let’s see what happens when we put some of them back.

Queen Lear would have SHUT THAT THING DOWN.

Edward Petherbridge, right, and Paul Hunter

My Perfect Mind