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ok but in all honesty, if your dash is making you feel like shit, then you need to go through your following and curate that shit with scissors, snip snip go the blogs that go around putting out hateful shit, you don’t need that in your life, love yourself

Not a Shakespeare post, but a very important post.



what if people wrote author notes in essays like people do in fanfics

A/N: omg here comes the thesis statement!! >_<

A/N: almost at the minimum word requirement this was soooo hard

professor: shut up and write idiot -__-

me: eep o_o!!

Op im proud to annouce that im legally allowed to kill you now

Q&A Session!

I was tagged by: @love-you-a-lottle

Rules: Answer the questions, then tag blogs you’d like to know.

Nickname(s): Brittonius Maximus

Zodiac: Pisces ♓

Height: 5’ 1 ½" (1.56 m)

Time: 11:12 EST

Favorite band/artist: Requin Chagrin and 猫 シ Corp. (French indie band and Vaporwave artist, respectively).

Song stuck in my head: La grenade by Clara Luciani

Last movie I saw: The Incredibles 2. It was so worth the wait and hype!

Last thing I Googled: “what happens when you get fired in story mode sims 2 ps2.”

Other blogs: shakesbeanieinstationhouseno4 for more of an eclectic overview of my fandoms and etc.

Do I get asks: On occasion, yes. I appreciate every one of your asks! 🙂

Why I chose this username: Hamlet is commomly associated with wearing black, and I wear nearly all black, soooooo yeah.

Average amount of sleep: BOI. When I’m at uni, it’s probably between 4 to 10 hours give or take? It’s super unpredictable. During the summer when uni isn’t in session, probably 12 or more.

Lucky number: Don’t have one really.

What I’m wearing: Black athletic shorts and a black t-shirt from my uni that I wear for pajamas. You see? Wearing all black.

Dream job: Full time vocalist

Dream trip: Sightseeing Canada, with most of my trip seeing Québec.

Favorite food: Chipotle! I’m a regular where my uni is and they recognize me.

Instruments: Does singing in choir count? I’m a classically trained vocalist.

Eye color: Blue with a hint of green.

Hair color: Dark brown (passes for black when not in light).

Languages spoken: English (I also am trying to self-teach myself French.)

Most iconic song: Too many to list, but some include, but are not limited to: Macintosh Plus by Vektroid and Ailleurs by Grand Blanc.

Random fact: I love playing The Sims and watching gaming videos on YouTube.

Tagging @mr-craig, @redlips-sinkswifts, and anyone else who would like to participate! 🙂



My friends got me the best (and worst) present ever

It’s one of those sequin pillows where you can turn the sequins. And this is how they look like from both sides.

Please someone make it stop.

Nic Cage is haunting me in my dreams now.

I mean, it was a free pillow but AT WHAT COST!!!!


Libraries are one of the few remaining public goods that haven’t been completely privatized and profitized. Libraries are virtually free to the public, regardless of race, class, gender, religion or sexual orientation. And it needs to stay that way. Capitalists need to keep their dirty, grubby little HANDS OFF libraries.



new and improved Definitive chart thanks to @thinkofaugust




why does oscar wilde take 150 pages to write something he could literally say in a paragraph


compelling argument




“in this essay i will explore” memes piss me off because it implies y’all still using first person pronouns when writing academically. childish ass

feigning authorial distance is a coward’s move. get in the fucking pit and fight for your argument

the real crime is using the superfluous phrase “in this essay”