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I think we can agree that Gnomeo and Juliet is the best adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, we all know that it would be Shakespeare’s favorite adaptation too.

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Texts from Shakespeare plays characters ^_^
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You, a time traveler, accidentally introduced twenty-first century slang to Shakespeare.

For never was a story of more woe
O bard Alexa, play us despacito.



Y’all can keep at it with that “Romeo and Juliet fell in love in five days how immature” shiz but Macbeth went from no murder to yes murder in like one afternoon and I feel like one of those is a significantly bigger problem than the other



whether or not romeo & juliet’s marriage would have worked out is not the point. rather, the point is that love cannot flourish in a world filled with hatred and an unwillingness to change, which is the main reason why modern adaptations would benefit from being about a gay couple. in this essay, i will



“they can say whatever the hell they want I don’t care I’ll say ‘fuck you’”

“did you just flip the bird at us?”

“I did flip the bird, yeah”

“but did you flip it at US?”

“yo bruh if this starts a fight how easily can I get out of trouble”

“not very”

“So like I flipped the bird but it TOTALLY wasn’t at you”


Romeo: Did you eat all the powdered donuts?
Mercutio, mumbling with his mouth full: No.
Romeo: Then what’s on your pants?
Mercutio: That’s cocaine.

As a future aspiring English professor, I am S…

As a future aspiring English professor, I am SO going to share my not heterosexual and not cisgender af interpretations of Shakespearean characters, such as Mercutio, Hamlet, Horatio, Antonio, Sebastian, Viola/Cesario, etc, etc, etc.

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For my Shakespeare peeps.



we had an assignment where we had to write shakespearean insults and someone ended with “*dabs in shakespearean*” im FUCKING DYING

“Do you dab at me, sir?”

(Sorry not sorry.)